Character Creation

Character Creation
This page will cover the specifics of creating a character for this campaign, in order to ensure that the characters both fit each other and the campaign setting as a whole.

To help allow me to modify and adjust the world to incorporate the story YOU want to tell, all players need to answer a History Questionaire which will tell me about your crime, your enemies, your goals, etc.

It should go without saying that a rogue-based campaign is going to be a little different on the spectrum, so what I am allowing are LE, NE, CE, LN, TN, CN, and CG. Basically no Neutral Good or Lawful Good.

Ability Scores
Ability Scores are simple. Here are your rolls: 16,15,13,12,11,9. Put them where you like.

All base and core races are allowed. Humans are the most common, and society is notably racist against most non-humans, especially half-breeds. Bear this in mind when choosing your race. The stranger it is, the more likely you are to run into trouble you weren’t looking to find. That said, even monstrous race options are valid.

All characters MUST have at least two levels of a Rogue-archetype class. (Unchained Rogue is recommended)
All base and core classes are acceptable. Anything else, just ask first. If it is suitable, sure.

Character Creation

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