Government of Thalassia

The government of Thalassia is a magocracy with the various subsections of government handled by each of the schools of magic as follows:

Abjuration: Civil defense, Law enforcement, insurance (Opp – Conjuration)

Conjuration: Transportation, INS, military, extradimensional defense (Opp – Abjuration)

Divination: Judicial, legal, counter-intelligence, education, libraries (Opp – Illusion)

Enchantment: Prostitution, diplomacy, executive politics, slavery, propaganda, mental health, corrections (Opp – Evocation)

Evocation: Public utilities (heating, water, cooling), fire dept., arson (Opp – Enchantment)

Illusion: Entertainment, espionage, theft (Opp – Divination)

Necromancy: Funeral services, waste disposal, murder, healthcare, religion (Opp – Transmutation)

Transmutation: Agriculture, geology, sports, public welfare, treasury (Opp – Necromancy)

Universal: archivists, scribes, census (Opp – None)

Government of Thalassia

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